The church carries its administrative services under four committees. The responsibilities and initiatives of these committees are described below:

Facilities and General Services Committee
  • Responsible for the physical well being of Church Property and Facilities including maintenance of building and grounds. Custodian of Church Properties and its inventories
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of Ushers, Custodians
  • In cooperation with other relevant committees, advise the board on procurement, lease, purchase and sale of building and properties
  • Manages, arranges and schedule volunteers for Pre and post mass activities

    This Committee organized itself into sub teams, including Church properties, Ushers, and Set-up and breakdowns services. Several volunteers contribute to this committee.

    Membership and Social Services Committee
    Membership and Social Services Committee functions are:
  • To create and foster an atmosphere that would generate sense of a united community and friendship among members.
  • To organize and prepare Sunday and Holiday catering. Works out a schedule for Sunday breakfast.
  • To arrange and organize ways to help and visit the elderly, the sick and needy members and parishioners.
  • To carry out membership drive; To assist in collecting of dues and pledges; To assist in campaigns and fund raising events in cooperation with the Finance Committee. To organize parties and fairs in cooperation with other committees.
  • To raise the visibility of the Church by means of newsletter, public relations and any other means with the objective of attracting more members.
  • To serves as a liaison with sister Ethiopian Churches, other Christian denominations and related Organizations.
  • To organize cultural and social events to bring together members and foster friendship.
  • To organizes disaster relief when needed both in the U.S. as well as in Ethiopia. Establish Charity and volunteer work that would reach out to the needy.
  • To update membership list and provide it to the Chief Priest for purposes of spiritual visitations. Advices the Priest, the Board and the membership on member's special needs.

  • Finance Committee

    Education and Youth Services Committee
    This committee has two subcommittees:
  • The Education sub-committee (previous name of Parents committee): Main aim is to teach Ethiopian culture, language and Bible Study to kids of various ages. Students are placed in one of the four classes given every year; they are allocated based on age and language skill level.

    Few years back a group of parents got together to create a program that is targeted to the children of the Medhanialem congregation. The goal of the program is to teach the children the Amharic language as well as Ethiopian culture. As a result the parents recruited teachers from amongst the parents who are willing to spend a couple of hours every Sunday to teach the children. Consequently three classes were created which we named Green, Yellow and Red. The committee members, who are primary Parents, meet on the last Sunday of each month to discuss any issues pertaining to the children.

  • The youth subcommittee: it consists of young adults who work together to help the church and bring about change to their communities.