The Board

The Board of Trustees of the church is composed of a representative of the clergy (normally head priest), youth and 13 members elected by the members of the church, totaling 15 board members. The board members in turn elect the executive committee members and committee chairs. The following is a list of the elected board members for 2012, beginning with the five members of the executive committee.

Dagnachew Birru: Chairman, 2nd term
Yeworkwoha Ephrem: vice chair , 2nd term
Merafe Seyoum: Treasurer, 1st term
Tenaye Wolde: Assistant treasurer, 1st term
Rahel Abebe: Secretary and youth rep, 1st term
Abiy Yeshitla: Chair of building services committee, 2nd term
Waka Kassa: Chair of the Social services and membership committee, 1st term
Bete Bekele: Chair of the youth and education committee, 1st term
Amsale Mammo, 2nd term
Azeb Tefera, 1st term
Girma Asfaw, 2nd term
Saba Tadesse, 1st term
Tessema Kebede, 2nd term
Amha Wobetu, 1st term

We are grateful for having such an excellent composition of board members. All board members are involved in one or more duties of the church that are not necessary mentioned above.

In addition, the following are additional important functions fulfilled by non board members:

Dr. Woldeyesus GebreMariam: external auditor

Solomon Woldemariam: internal accountant

Tsehay Ashagre: internal auditor

Abate Sertsewold: Finance Committee Chair